Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free Frame, Bow, Boutonniere SVGs

Today we want to spread the love! I've got THREE FREE SVGs just for you!

 So jumping right in
 click HERE for the Bow!!

 Do you have a wedding card?
 Scrapbook page?
 Need to customize your colors?
Click HERE!

Here is a fun frame that can  focus on your special photo. I have given you layers  to work with that mix and match as you wish.
 There is a center cut to be able to cut your photo to the exact size needed.   Click HERE to get this file.
This is for a 12x12 page.

 Thank you for stopping by.
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot Pretzel SVG Freebie

Do you love the smell of fresh pretzels?
You are walking along and you can just smell them!

There is a special pretzel place in Shipshewana, Indiana. They are so good!  So in honor of their goodness here it is . . .

And if you're ever in Shipshewana, Indiana, stop by and try some.

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Just click the picture above!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Angel Colleen Free SVG

I was going through my files making everything simpler, and a little more sorted. I have enough files to give you free files for several years.

I enjoy the design process. I love layering the designs so you can see right from the start where pieces go.  The process of designing is my way of working my mind. Seeing just how to work everything into a workable file has been a learning process. Every program is different and works differently on certain things. They almost all have something that they do best.  Terminology is different and can be the worst thing to learn.  Thank goodness for forums, yahoo groups and You Tube!

By clicking on my pic above it will take you to my blog to get free files and I hope some tips that will help you create in your part of the world.  I know many people inspire me and helped me learn. It takes practice and a will to learn!  I hope you find the same here!

Well short and sweet is my goal. Here is your freebie! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Little Birdie Freebie

 Don't You love birds. There are so many varieties and colors.

 This little bird flies in today to help kiddoes learn their ABCs!

Do you remember learning your alphabet this way?

As always I enjoy you stopping by and sharing with your friends my link for their own free files.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It is Tuesday and Free File time

It is a beautiful Tuesday here and I hope it is for you also!
 Today I am sharing one of my alphabet files. I actually made these for teachers or moms who wanted to help their kids with learning. They also make great  decorations for bulletin boards and boarders.
 I hope you well stop by and download your copy and follow my blog to get more.

As always, have a great day! God bless each of you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Christmas in June!

 Joyful Overlay

This SVG was so much fun to make. I pictured a family photo, or another special photo, featured here.   Don't you love Christmas! I know it is not here yet, but our pictures are worked on at any time of the year   There is more in this file than just the overlay. The individual pieces are also included.

 There is an important trick to cutting this file!   the inside pieces must be cut before the outside. It just helps keep the piece on the mat. I also c of at a slower speed.

You can see by the above picture the great detail this file cuts out.
 I have included the inside cuts on one layer and the outside cut on another to make sure the cuts work well for you!

 Make sure you visit regularly so you don't miss a file! And thank you for visiting today!

Many blessings to you and your family. Happy cutting!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Get two for one Free today!

Today's freebie is a two for one.
 You will receive a digital stamp and a print and cut. The great thing is you can cut out both the stamp uncolored or a colored image of the stamp!

 I don't know about you but one of the hardest part of stamping can be the ability to cut out the image cleanly.  Some stamp aren't as hard, but many are very difficult.   The great part about these personal electronic cutter is the machine can cut very easily what we struggle with. This file is setup for you!

Please stop by and pickup your free copy of this cute Fluffy Duck!I tend to draw in a more realistic form. I was asked to make some cute digital stamps and it made me stretch my abilities.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Doily - wheat Overlay

 Back again! Today's freebie is something I always loved as a painter, a wheat design. The.look of heritage and life.

 I've made this SVG with a base layer and an overlay. The colors are completely your choice, but the design stands elegantly on its own. I picture songs, poems, family reunion pictures, and so much more.   Techniques could include distressing, embossing, "kiss" stamping, resizing for cards or ornaments. 

Please share your wonderful work with us. I admit it inspires even more designs from me. It delights me to know I was able to make something you could use.

 Thank You for stopping by! Please let me know you were here with a comment.

 Until next time, God Bless each of you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vintage Banner Freebie

Hi everyone, It was a beautiful day today! It was sunny and warm. Tonight I hear thunder. I'm just glad I'm inside. Those Boomers have been almost nightly and pretty strong.  Where ever you are, I hope it is lovely for you!   Speaking of lovely . . .

 My best friend's daughter got married last year. I was asked to design a banner that was off white color, with a vintage look to it for the shower.   She wanted everything white or off white. They decorated with old suitcases and even made white foods. The suitcase had a small banner that said cards, the food table was labeled and had  a banner above it hung with tulle.

 This SVG will import all pieces. I would then group the decorative pieces into one layer and the banner on it's own layer.  I would print the decorative part on any color paper using your registration marks. I then cut the Banner shape and I'm ready to hang or label as desired. Don't forget to include any letters to  make-up your message.   I did also ink my paper around the edges to give it that aged look.  

I hope you enjoy these and would love to see how you use them.

 Thank-you for stopping by and please share with your friends..

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thank You Card and more!

Made with the men and women who serve in mind,
 I hope you enjoy this card and make it in your unique style.

 There are layers to this card so that you can see right away the thought that went into making the elements of this card.

 The score line is a solid red line, and may I share a small trick with you? I've found that after setting my cut force and speed, I will lower the force to 1 or 0 and make the score line. It eliminates the  dash lines leaving bumps on the fold. It also allows you to fold the scored line with ease.

 The thank you has 3 layers, making a great statement.

 I hope we will be sharing many more files with you and would love to see what you do with this file and add your own style!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

 Under Construction!
 Please stop back soon!